Mobility Symposium 2019

More than half of the world's population already lives in urban areas. Urban mobility is essential, whether for the coexistence all of a city's inhabitants or for the economic processes that drive the city forward. Traditional motorised traffic is an important factor influencing air and noise pollution in urban areas, whereas an increasingly diverse "modal split" is presenting transport planners with new challenges. These and other topics related to urban mobility will be addressed at the Urban Mobility Symposium. We are looking for innovative research, but also for practical reports. Submissions should focus on the processing, analysis and presentation of spatial information in the context of urban mobility. We are looking for submissions ranging from cartographic applications and products for visual analysis, communication and presentation of mobility data, to geoinformatics solutions for multimodal routings or traffic flow optimization. We are particularly interested in approaches that deal with new innovations for more sustainable mobility solutions.


30.04. Call for Abstracts
01.07. Submission Deadline
01.08. Paper Acceptance
11.10. Symposium
30.11. Submission Short Papers for Journals

This is followed by the review process through the respective journals.
Planned publication Spring/Summer 2020.


Participation in the symposium is free of charge. Due to the space available, the event is limited to a maximum of 70 participants. All accepted authors will receive two tickets reserved for the symposium. The remaining tickets will be available from the 1st of August with the announcement of the speakers.

The event is financially supported by the Technologiestiftung Berlin and the Governing Mayor of Berlin the Senate Chancellery.

Program Committee


Johannes Kröger HafenCity Universität, Hamburg
Sebastian Meier Technologiestiftung Berlin


Sigrun Beige Telefonica Germany - Mobility Research Group
Marian Dörk Fachhochschule Potsdam
Julia Gonschorek EASC eV.
Anita Graser Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien
Katharina Jacob Fachhochschule Potsdam
Alexandra Kapp Technologiestiftung Berlin
Felix Kunde Zalando
Nicolas Neubauer HERE, Berlin
Charlotte Pusch Technische Universität Hamburg
Raphael Reimann Moovel
Jochen Schiewe HafenCity Universität, Hamburg
Harald Schernthanner Universität Potsdam
Lucia Tyrallova Universität Potsdam

Header image: 09-00-1949_06624 Verkeer op Koningssluis by IISG on Flickr